Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's For Dinner?

I had said previously that I was going to try to actually plan what we are going to eat for dinner during the week so as to save time and money, as well as my sanity. Uh, yeah, and now it's Sunday and well, I know what we're having tomorrow because it is my night to cook dinner for a family from my Wives in Prayer group that meets Friday mornings. She just had a baby a couple of weeks ago, and our prayer group takes turns cooking meals for new moms, deaths in the family or other circumstances. At our potluck last week her husband was disappointed that he had missed out on the twice baked potatoes that I had prepared, so I decided that I would make them along with roasted chicken and green beans for his family tomorrow. I picked up two chickens at the store so I can cook our meal at the same time.

But tonight I will try a casserole from Martha over at The Path to Frugality. It's a simple casserole with hamburger, pork and beans and biscuits. How great is that? So here is my weekly menu as it is in my head, thus far.

Sunday- Hungry Boy's Casserole
green beans

Monday- Roasted Chicken
Twice baked potatoes
Salad (we had green beans Sunday)

Tuesday- Tacos (Taco Tuesday)

Wednesday- leftover chicken
Hmmm, Cobb salad, maybe

Thursday- steaks from the freezer
fried potatoes
zucchini from the garden

Friday- home made pizza or spaghetti

Saturday- ??? leftovers???


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  2. How was the Hungry Boys Casserole? Did your family lik eit?

  3. Martha,
    Yes, the casserole was great! Simple and tasty. I have always loved casseroles. Anything that is saucy with goodness can't go wrong.


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