Friday, July 8, 2011

Jobless Rate 9.2%

I am among the newly unemployed in the most recent statistic that shows the jobless rate at 9.2%. And after only 1 month of searching for work I am already getting frustrated. We do not know what our future will hold. The US unemployment ranks 106 out of 200 countries. IN addition, The US account balance is ranked 191 out of 191. Yes, you guessed right, China, Japan and Germany are at the top with China holding much of our debt. That reminds me. China wants to build a 50 square mile self-sustaining city near Boise, ID. That creeps me out if you ask me.

But back to unemployment. It's not only people without work that are suffering. The price of everything is rising. Gas, groceries, electricity, grain, and on and on. We are slowly losing our standard of living. We are making changes in our lifestyle now.

So we planted our largest garden ever this year with over 70 potato plants which are now affected with some sort of insect. I bought 2 pounds of white beans for $2.09 yesterday and made up 4 quarts of bean soup with leftover ham, carrots, celery and onion for a cost of well under $3.00. That's .75 cents per qt. and at 4 servings with some biscuits or cornbread, that is a cheap, nutritious and filling meal. Tomorrow, I am canning up 5 qts. of black bean, corn and sausage soup, at a cost of $7.00, or $1.40 per quart (.35 cents per serving). I will be canning up a storm this summer so my family can eat this winter, even if I don't find work. I am the ant. Are you?


  1. I'm starting to imagine the US as a Swiss cheese nation with all the holes being foreign soil. The Chinese are looking at similar situations in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio I understand. Those are all northern states. Considering they are holding talks with Mexico, there could go the South too.

  2. Leigh, I heard that China was looking to make more of those "self-contained" communities. And with our government pushing "sustainable development," I'm afraid our cities, suburbs and even rural areas will become managed metropolis' by our local governments, as well.

  3. The push for self-contained Muslim communities that would be under Sharia Law is disconcerting ...and then there is the 'reconquista' movement among Latinos. Interesting times we live in, huh?

    I have been an ant all my life, just never had as much good reason to be as we have these days.

  4. Hoss Boss, I imagine in Michigan for Muslim communities the push is especially true. Is there a push in your community? We have many, many Hispanics in my state and most have no desire to assimilate.


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