Friday, July 1, 2011

Starts in the Ground!

Well, I think spring has finally arrived now that the days are getting shorter. It is 78 out today and supposed to be 85 tomorrow. Yippee! It has been a very cool and windy spring here.

Yesterday I planted cucumbers, zucchini and butternut squash in the ground, and today 12 tomato plants. I had already transplanted swiss chard and spinach and cabbage because they do well in cool weather (and have to be tough in the wind as well). I snuck in some pepper plants the other day and got some peas along the fence. DH planted corn a couple of weeks ago and it is about 8-10" high and doing well. Oh, I forgot to mention, we planted 70 potato plants a few weeks ago and they are thriving! We will obviously have some to share. I still need to plant green beans so hope to do that very soon. I am hoping that the transplants do well and we have a successful garden. I am hoping to be able to have enough of my own produce to can and freeze without having to buy much of it from the local farmers market.

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