Friday, July 29, 2011

The Beautiful Oregon Coast

We arrived back Wednesday evening from the beautiful coast of Oregon. This trip had been planned for about a year as a graduation trip for our daughter. We brought our travel trailer, and ate all our meals in with the exception of Mo's. Since we had planned for the trip and already set aside money, the trip was reasonable. We had more fun at the beach just exploring and hiking. It was great family time.

The weather was perfect, upper 60's to lower 70's with occasional foggy areas in the morning and breezy afternoon clouds. If anyone is visiting the Oregon Coast, I highly recommend purchasing the 5 day Oregon Pacific Coast Passport. It will get you in to many "fee" areas along the coast from Fort Stevens State Park up north by Astoria, to as far south as Shore Acres by Coos Bay. It cost $10 and was well worth the money. We would have been fee'd to death without that pass.

We started in Florence and enjoyed the sandy beach, dunes, and dock at South Jetty.

Crabbing was spotty for most of the people we ran across, mostly too small and female,so we decided to forgo crabbing and buy some later. We enjoyed the waterfront shops and enjoyed a delicious meal at Mo's, where we of course had to have some of the world famous clam chowder.

This is a view overlooking Cape Perpetua.

A rocky beach fun for exploring tide pools.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport. The were approximately 60,000 Common Murre nesting on the huge rocks for mating season but I didn't get a picture.

In Newport we toured the bay front shops on the boardwalk and looked at the fishing boats. We also enjoyed several beaches along the coast. The beach can range from very rugged and rocky with high bluffs, to long stretches of sand. It is stunning and there is always someplace along the way to stop and do some beach combing, tide pool exploration, hiking, bird and whale watching, or just to enjoy the view and sound of crashing waves.

Our last night in Newport we treated ourselves to fresh Dungeness crab and Yaquina Bay oysters.
Shelling crab and BBQing oysters for a stupendous seafood feast.

Please disregard goofy teenage expressions.

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  1. I miss the west coast. Way back when I lived in Washington State. Glad you had a nice relaxing trip. Hit you follower button, an oversight on my part last time I dropped in for a visit.


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