Saturday, July 16, 2011


Okay, so no more sports until you drop doesn't include the basketball tournament this weekend that my youngest daughter is playing in. Single elimination, so tomorrow, if they lose their 1st game they're out of the tournament, and that just means that we can all go home early. Yeah!! She plays point, or 2 and 3. To clarify, we are not playing anymore AAU basketball, and this (non AAU) tournament was in the middle of July, and she really needed something to keep her busy and focused. Do you like how I'm trying to justify that we spent time and money on something that drains productive time and can be a huge money pit? I mean, what parent in their right mind wants to spend time and gas driving 50 minutes each way, sit on uncomfortable, back breaking bleachers, try to find something to do between games in a town you don't live in, and then do it all over again. Oh, and did I mention, we didn't pack a lunch, but since we stopped at Costco to kill some time, we ate there. I know, healthy samples to boost energy for the next game, along with high fat pizza. I guess I should mention if you aren't familiar with Costco, they are like a Sam's Club. Oh, and while we were there, there was an abandoned black kitten at the shopping carts scrounging for scraps. "Oh... mom... can we...can we...?" Yeah, right.

And today, we went back to Costco, forgot a couple of items and needed some refueling. And now there are 2 black kittens. Daughter went around to all the samples and saved them to feed the kittens. So here we are outside of Costco, daughter is on her knees at the shopping carts trying to feed the kittens. Please, don't let me bring a box tomorrow... I know I forgot to get something at Costco. First game is at 11:00. Do you think I'm hoping for a win or loss? Did I justify this tournament enough? I'm feeling like, well, sigh... we are focusing on school sports. Right?

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  1. bet you'll love those black kitties. Strays teach kids to have loving hearts, which sounds like your daughter already has. Always room for one (2?)more. Jan


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