Saturday, July 30, 2011

Public School Indoctrination

Our parental rights to raise our children with our morals, values, and beliefs are being eroded at an alarming rate. An article over at World Net Daily (WND) by Bob Unruh reveals the disturbing agendas of our liberal politicians and homosexuals. We are losing control and the social agenda is being forced on our children during school hours. History is being rewritten for California schools so that historical homosexual figures are portrayed only in a positive light. The majority of Californians object to the implementation of this controversial, objectionable, and poor public school policy. Students who object to attending homosexual assemblies that promote sexual predators such as Harvey Milk, are being ridiculed by other students. But are those students who harass their peers reprimanded? I believe not. The public school's job is not to socially brainwash children into believing that homosexuality is a normal (regular, standard, natural), alternative (choice) lifestyle.

My daughter has written papers and presented on topics such as abortion and homosexuality. In California, under SB 543, signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010, she would be forced to go to counseling without parental notification or approval.

A WND/Wenzel poll showed "An overwhelming majority of Americans say elementary school is no place to promote the homosexual lifestyle, and even among liberals there is the strong belief that such lessons should be left outside the door of the classroom, according to a new poll." 65% of respondents objected to teaching that homosexuality is a normal, alternative lifestyle.

I hope that SB48, signed recently by Gov. Jerry Brown is overturned. Parents should be alarmed at how they are losing their influence because these agendas are targeting children as young as 5. It is time that we get up and challenge this sick, twisted mission that is destroying our society. Our Judeo-Christian fiber is coming unraveled and we need to stitch it back up.

The people who show bias and hostility to Christian values display no tolerance of others with differing viewpoints. It is so ironic that they are the ones who are prejudice against someone with an opposing viewpoint. I am very weary of this agenda being crammed down our throats. First they asked for tolerance, now it is acceptance. People at jobs across America are being forced to attend "diversity" training. But just don't share your point of view if you oppose, because then you are a bigot and need more reeducation.

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  1. My boys are grown, but if they were still in school I would definetly homeschool them. Don't think young minds should be exsposed to so much that is going on in schools. Keep up the good work. Jan


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