Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Economy, Guns, and Soup

Economic stocks, gun stocks and soup stocks. What do these stocks all have in common? Well, how are your stocks doing in the Dow Jones? I bet you don't feel that your gun is losing value and not a tangible stock- it'll help you hit the mark. There's nothing like a good soup stock to come home to after a long day in the woods hunting for wild game to fill up that freezer. I prefer owning guns and having home made stock on hand over investing in the stock market. My tangibles are not going to go up and down in value, but will provide for me in good times and bad.

The economy, as we all know, is in the tank. With a gun, or several, I can hunt for food to feed my family. I can protect my home and my valuable supply of soup stock. If you need to get reaquainted with your guns, or if you don't own one, you should have one. Why?

If you have any animals at all, chickens, sheep, goats, or dogs, at least have a Ruger 10/22. We have personally had predator problems with owls, coyotes, skunks and bad, at-large neighborhood dogs. We have had to deal with these creatures accordingly. It is not pleasant, but a necessary aspect of dealing with life in the country. Protection of our family and livestock is paramount. A 10/22 is accurate, keeps on going, and requires little maintenance,not to mention all the accessories available like 50 round clips.

Actually, just today, as DH was attempting to make the barn more secure for our chickens in the evening hours against nocturnal creatures, our rooster

(isn't he handsome?) had to come and check out what was going on in the chicken yard.
Actually, it is a wonder that we haven't already turned the gun on him. He has become highly aggressive since we added 17 pullets to our flock on tax day. He was content with 4 hens, but now that he has a harem of 17 up and coming pullets, the chip on his shoulder has gotten the best of him, and unbeknownst to him, he may soon be on the chopping block because of his surly attitude. He and DH had 2 showdowns today, and he has become adept at avoiding DH's kicks.

Of course, a shotgun is always useful for defense in a worse case scenario, especially if your nerves get the best of you, you're apt to at least hit your mark.
They're great to have next to your bed and you don't have to be that good of an aim. They can put a duck or two on your table as well.

Guns are good for self-defense. You never know when a weirdo may show up. Small arms are good to have on your person. I personally like a .380. It is comfortable in my hand, easy to shoot, easy to carry, and packs a powerful punch. DH likes a 357 Mag because there is no doubt it will stop what you want it to.

With our economy and rising inflation, I want to know that we can feed our family and protect our tangible assets. Security in our economy and uncertain times is peace of mind in the form of home protection, a source of getting protein, and a pot of soup stock simmering on the stove.


  1. Great post about stocks...certainly puts things in perspective. As our economy goes down, people get desperate.
    I have to add that your roo is gorgeous!

  2. Any tangible investment will serve you well in the future. Nice post.

  3. One of our congressman who represents our state, was the victim of a home invasion this weekend. They were at their farm and a man walked in and held a gun to the congressman's daughter's head. The congressman (he is in his 70's) wrestled the guy to to the floor but what really stopped it all was when the congressman's grandson grabbed shot gun and pointed it at the guy. The guy fled.

    A gun can protect your livestock from nature's prey, a gun can protect you and a gun can provide food for your table. When my mom was growing up, she told me that they always had a shotgun behind the front door. It was there to grab in case an animal was getting in the chicken house or if a stranger came to the door and threatened them. It was just a way of life on the farm.


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