Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Every Homestead Needs a Tractor

If you have small acreage or a large homestead, a tractor is an invaluable and versatile tool. We have had a couple of different tractors. Over 12 years ago we had just over 20 acres and a 45 hp 2 wheel drive Massey Ferguson. It was a great little tractor, but on heavy snow years it struggled to keep up with the 5-6 ft. snow drifts, even with chains, and one year the snow drifted in so bad that we had to bring in a big cat to plow us out. We were home bound for 2 days, and it was hard to watch as cars on main roads around us hurried along as they went about their daily business, while we had to sit and wait. A tractor this size is handy for jobs such as mowing, grading driveways, and moving things with the forklift attachment. It is also useful to dig the final resting place for your farm animals. It's small size can limit the homesteader, though.

Now we have downsized by subdividing our property and we have 10 acres which still meets our needs. We own a 68 hp Kubota tractor which is 4 wheel drive with a front end loader. It handles our 1/2 mile driveway with ease in the winter. We've excavated around our shop to add a lean-to and used that dirt to build up a patio for out back. With the larger size of this tractor we are able to snowplow and do larger grading and dirt moving as needed. A tractor is handy for cleaning up around the barn, pounding fence posts, loading/unloading/lifting large and heavy objects with the fork lifts, discing up fields, cleaning out irrigation ditches. Some of the attachments you can get for your tractor include angle blades, box blades, mowers, post pounders and post hole diggers, snow blowers, discs, and plows, rototillers, fork lifts, and even backhoe attachments for small jobs.

When you are in the market to purchase a tractor for your homestead, make sure you buy one that will meet your needs and not leave you out in the cold. One of the biggest mistakes that a person can make is to buy a tractor that is too small for their purposes, or buying an off-brand that is not going to last. A larger tractor is more versatile, can handle bigger jobs, and will pay for itself in the long term.


  1. Me and my friends have a private rifle range located on the 'lower forty' of my father's old farm. We could sure use a nice tractor like father's two old tractors have seen better days.

  2. Stephen, A good place to shoot sure would be nice. I know we don't get out and practice enough. Our old MF tractor had seen better days, so this newer one is awfully nice when work needs to be done.


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