Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Are you Seeing Where You Live?

Pioneer Preppy has a great post illustrating how dire our nation's situation is becoming. Give it a read.Small Holding: Politics of the Tribe - Just Passing Through His post echos my remark about 2 neighbors being robbed of farm tools and equipment. I'm wondering how it is going to look around my neck of the woods when the city people come over here and are looting and squatting on private property. It is going to get ugly.

We're seeing small protests in larger cities where we live. And some people are buying more. We even know someone with some remote property that they visit every month or so to prepare for TEOTWAWKI. Even friends that we don't discuss politics with very much have timidly mentioned their uneasiness about the state of things. When I mention stocking up, they say well, we have a pretty full pantry and we're going to Costco next month...

Time is of the essence.


  1. There is a reason my husband is planning on gating the driveway to our property, and making the road frontage otherwise impassable, and also impossible to see through to the house and barn. And I'm not arguing with him about it, either.

    Xa Lynn

  2. We want to gate our driveway, too. We have to fence our front field first, though, otherwise they could just drive around the gate. As always, money is an issue. We're hoping by this spring.


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