Saturday, October 1, 2011

Obama Speaking at HRC Promoting LGBT Curriculum For Children

The title of the group, Human Rights Campaign, sounds innocent enough and even helpful and caring. But look beyond the facade and verbiage of what their name implies. The HRC is working to destroy your rights as a parent to raise your child in a Christian and moral society. President Barack Obama will speak on Saturday at the Human Right Campaign’s (HRC) annual dinner in Washington, D.C. – the HRC is a pro-homosexual lobbying groupTheir Welcoming Schools program, outlines how U.S. public schools should adopt policies to be LGBT inclusive, starting in elementary school. Part of their program of indoctrination includes:
Curriculum must be LGBT inclusive starting in elementary school for the following reasons:

“Students learn more effectively when they see themselves reflected in the curriculum."

“Pressure to conform to gender roles can limit social and academic development. From children's first years in school, when classes often take ‘the family’ as their curricular focus, right through high school, there are many moments when LGBT issues are appropriate and relevant to the curriculum. For example, lesbian and gay authors and historical figures can be included in English and history classes; and the LGBT movement, itself, can be germane to civics and social studies courses. Students stand to gain significant advantages in those schools that have LGBT inclusive curriculum."

Our children face unimaginable pressure at schools to agree with, accept and adopt destructive and perverse lifestyles. The HRC is destroying your child's right to an education free from socialist, left wing brainwashing. It is imperative that we work hard to instill sound moral teachings in our children and the courage to withstand the pressures of our secular society that we live in.

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