Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dependent Protesters Deprive Worker's of Livelihoods

Have you noticed how these Occupy protesters are very dependent on government handouts? They scream for work, but then deny people the right to sell their goods and earn a living, so they can then turn around and pay taxes, so the protesters can get a handout. Occupy (Dependent) protesters squatted on property used by vendors to sell their wares, displacing them. I lived in Eugene, OR for over 20 years and this action does not surprise me at all since it is a very liberal area. Eugene, OR vendors had to move their market across the street in order to make money to put food on the table. These protesters were trespassing and the local law enforcement broke Eugene's city rules by allowing the protesters to commit trespassing and stay while displacing hard working people. So, they say they want to work. Really? Then why on earth are they denying others the right to work an honest job to earn money to feed their family and pay their mortgage? And to pay taxes that feed these low lifes?

This Farmer's Market started in 1975 and has been downtown every Saturday from spring through the fall. It then grew to have a produce only section. Now, the market is on Tuesdays as well. But thanks to these selfish idiots, real people are displaced and losing family income. They are screaming for government jobs, government housing, government food subsudies, and anything that they can get their lazy hands on. Obama has stated that he supports these protesters. I bet he does, because hasn't he said he wants a civilian security force. He also wants to expand civilian community service opportunities. Well, that sounds an awful lot like what happened with the Nazi's. Put people to work through reeducation camps. If you don't follow like sheeple, you don't get food, clothing and shelter. Obama may just give these people what they whine for, but there is a steep loss of freedom price to pay. Lookout.

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