Thursday, October 20, 2011

Never Ending Expenses

I think our family is like most. It just seems that just when you've gotten on top of your bills, some unforeseen pops up. We're always saying, "It's always something." I was laid off earlier this year and we were watching every penny anticipating that my income would be substantially less. But we tried to save enough to pay our property taxes and water bill which are due on the 31st, as well as stock up on the three B's.

Fortunately for our family, I was blessed with a full time job. It is a commute, but I am lucky to share the drive with another commuter. We alternate weeks, and we work within 4 blocks of each other so it works out great.

Now I have to say that I have a shopping compulsion that may sometimes create a very tight budget by months end. My DH is okay with that. Only because I buy food, not clothes. Although, really, I do need to add to my sparse wardrobe, especially since winter is coming. I need 1-2 more sets of pants, and a sweater would be nice since I work in an old, cinder block building with a boiler for heat in the winter, which is sketchy from what I hear. Plus, I work on the north (cool) side of the building.

This month our property tax and water are due. I have almost enough saved but am $300 short. My full time job can cover the gap on payday. But, we need to heat our house this winter and need 2 tons of wood pellets. We have about 1/3 of a ton from last year, but need to buy at least 1 and 1/2, and my youngest needs snow tires and wheels. Plus, I need new studs, too.
KA-CHING! Did you hear the money fly out the door? DH works four 10's. He worked 2 extra days this week to earn money for a down payment on snow tires. We can put the pellets on our bill at the feed store and prayerfully come up with the balance. I bet you won't see these Occupy (Dependent) Protesters working extra hours to keep their family warm and safe on the road. Oh yeah, I guess if they had jobs, they wouldn't be squatting on public property with the local law enforcement and Obama's blessing. Have you noticed this past week how gas prices have risen sharply? The expenses just don't stop.

This week I hit the store because there were some great sale ads (on food). I have never gone to this particular store and seen the shelves so empty. Tillamook cheese, $4.88/2 #. I grabbed up the last 2 out of 8 remaining from the end aisle because the main cheese section was wiped out (wished I could have afforded all of them). Butter- $2.00/#. Sold out but you can get a rain check. TP and paper towels-$4.88/12 double rolls. GONE! Are you seeing these kind of sales being sold out where you live? People are realizing that their dollar is not s t r e t c h i n g like it used to and are compensating and buying whether or not they understand the gravity or our nations (and world's) situation.

It just seems that in our household we just seem to get level with our money and get the savings building up again, when, POOF!, all your expenses hit at once, or an unexpected expense robs you dry. It is hard to be stocking up, saving, paying down bills, buying necessities, etc, especially when manufactured inflation, and Soros funded world events are working to destroy our Constitutional, American, Republic way of life. God, help our nation. God, bless us all. God, help us. We need You.

Oh, and about Quaddafi. Al Qaeda is poised and ready to take over. Are you ready? The door to terrorism has been opened even wider. And Obama praises this.


  1. I understand you pain. I'm for a private school for my grandchild and help my son and his wife with the expenses...never seems enough to go around...and, it'll only get worse with our current rate of inflation.

  2. Shucks, meant to say 'paying for' my grandchild's education....brain dead this morning.

  3. Stephen,
    I know how it is and inflation is slowly eroding our middle class lifestyle. I teach at a private school, and today for a fundraiser students could pay $3.00 and wear sweats and an appropriate shirt. Basically, they pay for a free dress day. I had 5 who wore their school uniform instead and one student commented that it was too expensive to pay to wear street clothes. Expenses are tight for everyone. I should add that I have a father who works 3 jobs in order to send his 5 children to a parochial school.

  4. Stumbled upon your farm site and so glad I did.
    Am in total agreement with your never ending expenses, it happens to us all. I know this isn't a political site but since you brought it up, I agree with your comments on Wall St. protesters and Obama policy. Glad to know there are others out there with eyes open. G.V. (a fellow small time farmer from Calif.)


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