Friday, October 21, 2011

New Computer and Welcome

Welcome and thank you to my newest followers, Xa Lynn, Mamma Bear, and Pioneer Preppy. I appreciate your reading and your comments.

I got my new computer and can't believe how fast it is. My old one had 4 battery cells, or something like that, that were blown on the mother board. A result I am told because the tower was on carpeted floor. The dust is a killer. Lesson learned. The new one is on a stand. I knew ours was outdated (a 2003), but now there are so many things that won't work with the new equipment. Like my printer. Quicken. And some others. KA-CHING! Yeah, more money. I just posted about Never Ending Expense and forgot to add the expense of a new computer to my post. Isn't it always something? Thank God I have a job to be able to pay for this.

Oh, and my youngest just received a bill in the mail today for her college class. She's in high school but will get college credit. We have Running Start and Cornerstone at the high school. Plus, if you take an AP (Advanced Placement) course, you can take a college test and if you pass, get college credit for it. Another $250 out the door. Sigh...

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