Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hijacked Daughter's Computer

We purchased a laptop for our oldest when she graduated from high school this year. And since my computer is not in service, I was able to cajole her into letting us borrow hers. I am finding out that I cannot type nearly as fast on this laptop and make numerous typing errors, so this will be short.

The economic and political situation here and around the world is moving in negative ways at lightening speed. Turmoil is happening in large cities and it is only a matter of time before smaller communities have rioting. We live out in the country and 2 neighbors that we know around us were recently burglarized, taking tools, equipment and other items. That is how it starts. Wait until people are hungry and then it will get really ugly.

How are your provisions? I bought a case of mac and cheese for .33/box. I also bought meat and am canning it right now. Tomorrow I will can salsa and get potatoes out of the ground this week, hopefully. I am going to try my hand at dehydrating eggs from Scifichick. I will let you know how they turn out. Be prepared, my friends.

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  1. Hi Rose,

    I like your blog. Like you and others I've felt a greater sense of urgency to prepare more these past two weeks.

    I've been a canning fool this week. I bought ground beef at a little less than $1.60 per pound and ended up with almost 80 pounds. So in between everything that must be done here, something gets thrown into a jar and canned. I'm posting the recipes on my blog as I find the time. Would love to try some of yours as well.


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