Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Time to Stock Up!

If you haven't already done so, or if your supplies are dwindling, now is the time to be stocking up on food and supplies. One of our local grocery stores is having a case load sale on canned goods. I bought some canned goods and some toiletries between 2 stores today. At .42 cents a can for corn and green beans, and .79 cents a can for fruit, I knew I didn't want to pass up a good sale. At least, it is a good sale in my neck of the woods. You may have better prices in your area. I also splurged and bought some sockeye salmon on sale. I hope to have the energy to brine and smoke some this weekend and then can it up. Otherwise, it will have to find its way into an already over stuffed freezer.

Don't forget candles, oil and dry goods. A lot of these items come on sale around hunting season and before Thanksgiving, so put some money aside if you haven't already, and buy what you can afford. Also, be on the lookout for toiletry items like toothpaste, shampoo, soap, first aid, and personal hygiene items.

Milk is still a reasonable price here ($2.59/gallon) but cheese and butter are rising regularly. Buy some canned meat, beans and rice. Be sure to include seasonings on your list, because heaven knows that rice and beans need some flavorings if they are to be palatable. Cake mixes are still cheap and will be a welcome treat when things tighten up. If you can find some bulk or cheap pudding and jello mixes, those are handy to have as well.

Make room for your supplies. If you need to, utilize space underneath beds, in closets, and seldom used rooms. Sources everywhere are predicting dire straits ahead and to be prepared. We need more first aid and health items. Where are you lacking? Skip those lattes the next couple of weeks and buy some non-perishable food to feed your family. If money is tight, but one extra of different items and put those aside as your reserve. Don't use them when you run out, but go and buy 2 more. Keep doing that and you will slowly build your storage. Canned goods, rice, beans, flour, sugar and any basic food item are worth their weight in gold. What are you waiting for? Stock up!


  1. Very good post and excellent advice. I need to check and make sure I've got you linked at my blog.

  2. If I had the money, I would sure be filling some holes in my stored foods. I am short on candles right now. And medicines like vitamins and Tylenol, antibiotic cream, etc.

  3. We do pretty well with the human pantry, but the animal pantry always has me worried. Although we do have a barn that will hold about 16 large round bales, we don't really have storage for grain for the goats & mule. It's hard to stock up on grain for them as we're limited to five 30-gallon galvanized garbage cans. Anything else would be infested with rodents in short time. Although I suppose the milk from the goats is a "luxury", so if things really went south, we could just get by on hay.


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