Thursday, July 26, 2012

Garden Tour

We have had wild July weather episodes here in the PNW and prior to that, a cold, wet, windy spring. My garden is late. But let me take you on a tour and show you how my veggies are coming along.

My green beans are starting to climb.

 First sweet pea flowers.

Baby broccoli

Last year's onions gone to flower.

Flowering oregeno

Chives gone to seed

Hungarian peppers

Tomatoes (still babies at this point, not growing very fast).


Corn (what's left after the wind and hail storms). See how it's bent over.

Potato flowers

Spaghetti squash

Zucchini that is finally growing.

Lemon cucumbers (I have one regular cuke hanging on).


Lemon balm gone wild.



That's what I've got going on in my garden. We should have a bumper crop of potatoes and tomatoes. The rest will be for good eating. Strawberries are done for the season. I may get a stray one now and then. I also have radishes coming up but the carrots are no-shows at this point. In addition, some romaine lettuce and spinach are peeking out of the ground. They are in the same bed as the radishes and tomatoes. How is your garden doing?


  1. Rose,

    Your garden(s) are looking beautiful. Even though your season is a little later than ours, you have a really healthy and vibrant looking garden. Those raspberries look so inviting!!!
    Our corn actually ended up laying completely down with the high winds here. We had to prop ours up with wood. As for our garden,the only thing I have left are tomatoes. Once they all change color, the garden will be done until mid August. That's when I start planting for the fall. Have a great evening.

  2. Were you able to save your corn? when will it be ready? I'm thinking most of my garden will come in in late August and September, right when I am busy with back to school and work! What do you plant for the fall? I have never done a fall garden.

  3. here in n.e. mississippi, most gardens are doing well..we have been very fortunate to have had a little bit of daily rain with thunderstorms although we have also really suffered the high temps and the humidity is a killer. in my county, sweet potatoes is the king of crops and looking really good. my own personal gardens have been producing but i have had to water twice a day. most of my veggies are flavorful, but small in size. i pulled my summer squassh plants up yesterday and fixing to have to pull out the pole bean vines..still have time to start some more. will be starting some beets just got too hot too soon for the first crop so will try again as the heat of summer wanes. it has been a good summer for winter squashes as long as they get water and ferilizer.

    1. I'm glad to hear your garden is doing well, as I have been reading some blogs that are really suffering in the heat. So are your squash and beans done producing? It is so funny to me that some areas produce so early. I have always lived in the PNW and early gardens are rare unless you have a greenhouse. Good luck, I hope you continue to get a bountiful harvest.


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