Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Been at the PNW Coast

I've been away from my blog but I hope you'll all understand when I show you where we've been. Let me share some of what my family has been up to. We visited the beautiful Washington coast for some rest and relaxation.

I love how our beaches in the PNW are not crowded like California or the East coast.

Here we are enjoying an IPA on the beach. We loved this  beach because you could drive right down onto the sand, set up your chairs and enjoy the day!

See the closest person is a comfortable distance from us. We don't do well in crowds.

Here Cooper is loving the attention and the surf with our daughters. 

Some people are surf fishing, probably for perch. They didn't have any luck while we were there.

If you visit a fishing port you have to go down to the docks and get the FRESHEST seafood. We bought a couple of Albacore tuna in Westport and had the guy fillet it up for us. I'm canning most of it when we get home. If you've ever had home canned tuna, you will never go back to store bought canned tuna from Asia. Our tuna is caught with a hook and line, is smaller than Asian tuna and your jar is full of tasty tuna, not water. It is simply delicious!

My DD17 just caught this fresh tuna! What a catch!

Well, she caught it from the green barrel that she's holding the tuna over.

What do you have for dinner when you are at the coast? Fresh seafood, of course.We also bought some Dungeness crab and oysters.   Dinner was green salad, fresh picked crab, oysters and a bite of tuna. Oysters on the barbie.

Picking fresh crab.

No room for salad on the plate right now. Time for the important protein food items like crab and oysters!  Add fresh lemon for sprinkling and melted butter for dipping. Yum!

A random vegetarian showed up for dinner at our campsite. He wasn't interested in sharing our bounty. Too bad... that just means more for the rest of us.

That's how we've been enjoying our time. Enjoying the beach, browsing tourist shops, looking at boats on the docks, walking along the beach, and loving life.


  1. Rose,

    Beautiful pictures! I can see your lovely family just having so much fun on the beach. OMG>....that seafood looks so delicious! I miss fresh seafood, can't really find much of that in Oklahoma :-(
    I so love beaches that are nice, and quiet. Enjoy your time camping, relax and let everything just pass by. How many times do you really get to just relax away from home? Not many, so enjoy!!!

    1. Thanks, Sandy! We had a great time and could have easily have spent another day there. Got to enjoy rest and relaxation when we can.


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