Monday, July 2, 2012

Cherry Pickin' Time in the PNW

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DD19 went to her boyfriends aunt and uncle's orchard and helped sort cherries. I was generously given a 30# box of fresh Bing cherries! Thank you, Lord! I am always sure to give thanks when I am blessed with abundance and the generosity and kindness of others. Needless to say, I have been busy. Besides eating these delicious morsels that were lucky enough to be picked before our torrential downpour of rain, I have been drying, canning, making jam and freezing them. Cherries are very finicky about rain. They throw a fit and split at the tiniest drop of rain. Not only did cherry farmers wring their hands over their precious and delicate fruit, many farmers had their hay down on Saturday when the rains came. Check out our rainfall.

I am hoping that summer rains are gone and summer will finally be here. While much of the rest of the country is in scorching heat, we are having a very cool and wet start to summer.


  1. speaking of cherries, i look for the black cherries to show up at our grocery stores about this time of the year and lo and behold, found some at save a lot grocery last week...i darn near bought them out of what they had...cherries are my hubbies favorite among any fruit. because it is so hot here, i went ahead and pitted the cherries and just packaged them up for the freezer. when things cool off some i will take and thaw them and make jams, jellies, etc.. with them...i also dried some of the dried cherries to add to cookies, cake, and just to eat by themselves or in gorp.

    1. Cherries are a new favorite. I had never made cherry jam before the other day, and it is a hit at my house. I have to slowly save up my strawberries from my small patch in the freezer like you do until I have enough to make a batch of jam. No strawberry-rhubarb jam this year, though. Rhubarb got killed off by something.


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