Friday, August 5, 2011

More Insanity in the Headlines

Consider some of these recent headlines:

Iowa Police Shut Down 4 year-Old's Lemonade Stand
Really? Aren't the police embarrassed? Lemonade stands are as American as baseball and apple pie.

Moody's/Fitch: US Must Do More to Avoid Downgrade Ratings
"The ratio of general government debt, including state and local governments, to gross domestic product is projected to climb to 100 percent in 2012, the most of any country with an AAA ranking, Fitch said in April.

Standard & Poor’s put the U.S. government on notice on April 18 that it risks losing its AAA rating unless lawmakers agree on a plan by 2013 to reduce budget deficits and the national debt. S&P indicated last week that anything less than $4 trillion in cuts would jeopardize the U.S.’s AAA rating."

We are already being downgraded. I'm sure you all know what this means for our state of living and our economy. The debt ceiling was just hiked this week and already the govt has spent the money.

HHS: Insurers Must Pay for Birth Control For Women
I really don't want the government interfering in the bedroom. And breast-feeding equipment is paid for as well. Doesn't the govt believe that we Americans are capable of family planning decision making and paying for our families needs on our own? Do they really think providing free birth control will eliminate the housing projects? We know what is best for our families. What's next?

Obama Launches Gun Grab

Is this really limited to the Southwest? Or are the Mexican drug gangs an excuse to ease gun control into all of America under the guise of public safety? This is tyranny. Obama failed to secure the border and now he's waging war on law abiding gun owners instead of illegal drug cartels.

Free Cell Phones for the Needy
"It is a right to have peace of mind." Really? Where will these entitlements end? Recent studies show that most families living in poverty have TV's with satellite or cable. Plus,now the drug dealers can make their deals on free phones.

What Would Al Gores Tahrir Square Look Like
"Gore told Countdown host Keith Olbermann. “We need to have an American Spring, You know, the Arab Spring—the nonviolent part of it isn’t finished yet..."
Yep. Al Gore is calling for an uprising like Tahrir Square. Wow.

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