Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Does Simplicity Mean to You?

First, I want to say a big "Thank You!" to all of my followers. Thank you for following my humble little blog as I make my way in the blogging world. I appreciate your comments and the help you have given me as I have started out.

I have started this post a couple of times and with different titles, as I have wanted to share my ideas about my blog title, but I always delete them as I can't seem to articulate my thoughts on the title of my blog. I think "Everyday Living" seems explanatory enough. It's our life and happenings here at home and around the country and how we are handling them. But what about "Simple?" To me simple in the context of everyday living means for me to have fewer distractions. These distractions can be in the form of materialistic items, extra sports (read drama), extra activities that take time and money, too much TV or internet exposure, overload from following politics and the economy daily, too many commitments, and anything that diverts your attention to what really matters in life. Kind of like all the unimportant distractions the liberal media throws at you over and over again while Obama is implementing destructive policies.

In Webster's, one definition is "stupid." I think sometimes if your life isn't simple, it can make you stupid. I don't want to be so busy that I am always running around here and there so that I don't take time to sit and visit with friends. I don't want to go non-stop every day so that by 5:30 I am so frazzled that I stop and spend my hard earned money on a Papa Murphy pizza to pop in the oven, and it isn't nearly as good as homemade. I don't want to have such a full schedule that I have to plan my day to the very last minute and am trying to squeeze in that load of laundry at 9 o'clock at night. I don't want my calendar to be so full that I have to set my phone alarm to remind me of appointments or other commitments. Often, money was not spent wisely. I did all that. I want to be making good choices for our family, not last minute, harried choices. But choices that lead to a life of value.

I want to bake bread, can up food, hang laundry on the clothesline, read good books, help out at church, visit friends, cook dinner every night, watch the chickens, be role modes for our children, and value my family and our lifestyle. I have been able to work part-time the last 3 years so this way of life has been a blessing. Our life has been so much better since we have more time together as a couple. There is less stress and drama in our household. Less money, but less stress.

What does simple mean to you? I would love to hear what your thoughts are and how you've made your family life simpler.


  1. Hi Rose, Simple living to me is having no bills and being obligated to only friends and family. I have tried to teach my boys if you have no or very few bills you have alot more freedom to do the things you enjoy. Hopefully we don't want that many material things in this world, makes it easier. We all enjoy the outdoors more than a movie and cooking Dutch Oven more than resturants. I think you are calmer without the push of keeping up with the Jones'. Jan

  2. I'm not sure I'll ever achieve simple. I've tried my whole life. Now, on occasion, I've been content. Seems to me life, at least as I live it, isn't simple. If we have peace in our lives, a good family well protected and feed, the bills paid, and in our quiet moments, an easy chair with a child in your lap - well, I guess in truth that could be called, simple, in love.

  3. Jan and Stephen,
    Sounds like both of you have found simple. Freedom, peace in you lives, and calmness.


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