Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paying with cash? Buying Matches? The FBI Wants YOU!

Creeping communism under the guise of community safety. A little at a time. Spying on your neighbors and reporting activities is the responsibility of noble citizens concerned with the welfare of their community and their country. Doesn't this reek of Naziism? This month the US government revealed their newest strategy to spy on neighbors for conducting lawful, legitimate business, and purchasing common items. Why is the focus on legal Americans making legal purchases, rather than real Muslim terrorists and Mexican drug cartels?

"Preventing terrorism is a community effort...The partnership between the community and law enforcement is essential to the success of anti-terrorism efforts." The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and the FBI are targeting surplus supply stores, farm supply stores, guns shops and hotels in the hopes of getting pertinent information about customers who may be terrorists. The FBI is handing out brochures to these businesses and asking the clerks and owners to identify and copy identification information from people who come in and purchase such items as matches, meals ready to eat (MRE's), rifle tri-pods, and night flashlights. Heaven forbid if you buy a flashlight and pay with cash. You will be labeled a terrorist and may be investigated. They also want clerks to make note of any customer who has shaved their beard or changed their hair color. I guess that makes you or your neighbor a terrorist, too. Oh, and don't make any religious references, that can indicate that you condone violence. Check out the flyer here.

One would think that being prepared and having supplies would be a good, logical activity. I mean, if a natural disaster strikes, say, like Hurricane Katrina, wouldn't it make more sense for folks to be prepared and able to take care of themselves rather than waiting and relying on the government to take care of their basic needs? I mean, remember how the Katrina efforts went?

The irony of all this is that FEMA already suggests that you have a flashlight and waterproof matches, and ready-to-eat foods! But now, if you purchase these common items, you are identified and labeled as a terrorist!

Our government should be focusing on real extremists and not law abiding US citizens who take responsibility for themselves and try to have useful items on hand in the event they are needed. Remember the DHS flyer on Right Wing Extremism in 2009? According to that DHS document I am a Right Wing extremist because I am pro-life and believe in marriage between one man and one woman. Now I am being targeted because I like to pay with cash and may change my hair color.

This creeping gradualism that twists wording to make ordinary citizens think they are helping the government against real terrorists is disturbing. You need to read Austria 1938 by Kitty Werthmann. She gives an eyewitness account of how Hitler and Naziism destroyed Austria in less than 5 years. Hitler ran restaurants out of business because they were unable to comply with all the regulations. Gun registration was mandatory because people were getting injured and soon the country was unarmed. Consumer protection told citizens how to shop and what to buy. Farmers and ranchers were told what to grow and how to grow it. The entitlements destroyed the country socially. The slow brainwashing in the name of community safety and security sounded okay, but ravaged the country and its citizens instead.

When your government starts asking citizens and businesses to spy on and report perfectly legal activities and purchases, you should be highly suspicious. This kind of feel-good sounding, cooperative tactic in the name of homeland security is secretly focusing on citizens who believe in doing for themselves and being prepared. Why would the government want citizens to not be prepared? The idea of unprepared citizens and families is more disturbing. Is the government going to come to your house and confiscate items you've legally purchased such as food, flashlights, ready-to-eat meals and ammunition? I have to ask myself what is the motive? I personally feel that the government doesn't want you prepared. Because that means you are a thinking American and are looking ahead down the road during these very troubled economic and political times. You want to defend and take care of your family. Now, why wouldn't the government want you to be able to take care of your family? Are they going to strip you of that right? Or worse? Is this part of the plan to reeducate 25 million Americans who adhere to their constitutional rights and belief in the American dream? Neighbor against neighbor? What is happening to our American way of life?


  1. If we are not prepared then we will have to depend on them and that is the final goal. Loving reading your blog, discovered it from the 365 meal comment. So far, it looks like you have some great information.

  2. Thanks, Robert, and welcome! I hope you continue to enjoy reading my musings and opinions, err... or is that observations.


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