Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Gifts

We never know what to give my MIL for Christmas. DH usually makes something homemade for her. It seems that there is always one or two people in each family that are difficult to shop for. I used to give her homemade canned treats like maple pecan sauce, cranberry-orange relish, or salsa. But then we would be at her house the following year and there they sat, unopened in her cupboard. So, now, DH is the only lucky one to try and rack his brain about what he can make that will please her. We hope she likes it. Do you think he made me one, too? I will find out in 5 more days. I hope so.

This year he made her this elk cutout for her entry on her front porch, or inside in the foyer.

Last year he made me this elk light switch cover.

The year before he made me this oil candle holder with a mamma bear and 2 cubs. You can see the 2 cubs in the photo. This was harder for him to make as he drew the bears free hand and the hand filing was time consuming.

Random pics from our drive this afternoon.


  1. Beautiful! Lucky gal to have a son make such wonderful gifts. DH could quit he's day job and create. Well, at least something to fall back on.

    What part of WA are the pics from(If you don't mind me asking)? My DH is from Hoquiam on the coast and we enjoy going "home" now and then to visit. Next years vaca will be "doing the Loop" which we haven't seen for sometime now and truely miss that area. Hoh rainforest here we come (Ok, Iguess I do have a few months to wait!)

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. Burrrr!

    PS My knitting skills REALLY need some work so I couldn't help make Buffware. Sorry

  2. Herdog,
    DH loves creating out in his shop. I am lucky that he is creative. We live in central WA. Where is "the loop" that you do to visit family? Do you have any great spots on the WA coast that you like to visit? Any favorites where you can get crab and clam?

  3. The "loop" that I refered to is the Olympic Peninsula with the Hoh Rainforest. Un-believeable beauty! Plus we did an orca day trip with a fery ride to Friday Harbor. I love Port townsend and have a cuz there but most of DH's family is in the Aberdeen & Hoquiam Area.

    Anywhere that we can find razor clams or oysters is a favorite of mine. DH got me hooked on the razor clams a few years back (I only had the horseneck clams - big uglys!).Crabs are one thing we can get here in NorCal. Our season just opened and I now have a freezer full of 48 cups picked crab. Took me two L O N G days to pick that. Hubby tried to help but left too much shell in it and was more trouble picking out the sell. I told him he didn't have to help anymore. Hummmm, maybe thats why there was so much shell.

    I love your State but I love mine, even with all the surrounding libs, more. I'm a sunshine gal and where we're at, it works. Now if we could only get an Ronald Reagan back in town!

    You and your Family have a Merry Christmas and say Hi to Wa for me.

  4. I love the Olympic Peninsula. I have been to Port Townsend once, as we don't get over to that side of the state very much. I am so jealous of your crab. Do you freeze it? We love crab but it is expensive, and we have only crabbed in Oregon, not in WA. I try to buy when the crabs are closer to 2#, otherwise, not much meat in them. Clams are great, too, but have not been digging as it is expensive for us to travel to the west coast and make a day or two of it. Where do you clam and crab at? We are trying to get things paid off and just paid the pickup off this month. We hoping to save again to visit the OR coast this summer. Northern CA is a beautiful area. Maybe some day we will venture further south.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas season!


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