Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advice Needed

I need your help. Many of you know that my camera died and I had already had it repaired a couple of years ago. It is a Kodak Easy Share and has the camera dock that charges the camera and prints pictures. I don't know if I want to get another one. You may also remember that my computer up and died in October and we had one built and I got a new printer at that time.

To complicate matters, when all my files were transferred from my old hard drive to my new computer, none of my pictures from my computer transferred that were on the Kodak program, only pics that I had moved to another folder. So, sad to say, I have very few pictures that were taken over the last 4 1/2 years because they were not backed up elsewhere. So, vacations, basketball, volleyball, 4-H, birthdays, Christmas, etc, are gone forever.

They guys at the computer store told me that they keep the old hard drives for a couple of months when they gave us our new one. Well...yeah. They've never been able to find it. So it is lost in the heap of disorganization and gone forever. So, my advice I need is, what kind of camera do you recommend? My new HP printer has picture printing capabilities and a place for an SD card. I need something inexpensive since we have been spending up a storm with a new computer and sets of snow tires for 2 cars. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated.


  1. Sorry, I'm one of those analog guys in a digital world...heck, I use the camera on my Blackberry...

  2. Hi Stephen,
    I am so behind in the technical/digital world. It was a huge leap to upgrade our dinosaur computer. Even my cell phone is ancient. I just have no idea what to look for in a camera or which direction to turn.

  3. It depends on your needs. There's no single "perfect" camera for EVERY need.

    But, as a former photojournalist, who is now an IT guy, I would suggest just using an iPhone or Andriod phone (e.g. EVO.)

    I was slow to adapt a smart phone (which was mistake number one.) Instead, I suffered through the death of ANOTHER laptop, and another TWO cameras. My wife finally kinda MADE me get her a smart phone (it was the ONLY thing on her Christmas list one year.)

    Anyway, I don't think she (nor I) have put the things down since we bought them a couple of years ago. They are truly the Swiss Army Knife of technology. EVERY DAY, there are new apps, new books and such available for them. EVERY DAY, your investment grows and gets BETTER!!!

    The cameras on these little suckers rival those of most camera-only platforms. PLUS, they do so much MORE! You have the ability to not only take pics, but also post, email, save, forward them, print them, etc.

    And, not just pics. Videos, too!!!

    Oh, and make phone calls; and do online banking; and surf the Internet; bid on eBay stuff; search CriagsList; view your favorite blogs; send/receive emails from multiple accounts concurrently; never miss meetings thanks to calendars; text/message friends; Skype family & friends; flashlight during dark hours; magnifier for reading small print (menus); GPS navigation and voice-spoken turn-by-turn directions; voice-based Internet searches; not to mention endless games to keep you busy on the road... The list truly goes on, and on -- and gets bigger DAILY!

    So, I would ask -- why WOULDN'T your next camera actually be a smart phone? (If it makes you feel any better, just call it a smart-camera!)


  4. Anonymous,
    I have heard of Smart phones, but never knew much about them until your post. Really. They can do all that? Can you hook them up to your computer and put pics on your hard drive and upload photos to your blog? Also, my new printer has a slot for an SD card, so does the phone have one of those cards so I can print photos on my computer?

    I honestly have been thinking about upgrading my phone. It is old. I can read my email on it, but I cannot reply. Also, I really can't surf the web or anything like that. I will definitely look into a Smart phone. Thank you!


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