Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happenings That Build Faith Update

My DH talked with our neighbor today and I had to keep you posted as to the happenings in our neighborhood. In my previous post, I talked about how the coyotes had been exploring the chicken barn and how our dog, Cooper, had barked his alarm warnings and by the time we went out to investigate the girls, all that was left were coyote prints in the snow, which Cooper eagerly familiarized himself with. Well, our neighbor lost 9 chickens that night. Yep, they dug under his barn and stole 9 laying hens. I know how it feels to lose your livestock, so I am even more determined to keep those rascals out. DH made sure to lock them in tonight, but we also have a dirt floor, and night creatures are determined when they are hungry. I will pray that we will be blessed with no chicken losses.

Our DD17 who was disappointed with the basketball outcome, has signed up for another Running Start class at the local college for winter quarter. This will keep her busy and focused. I will pray that she does well and that a new open door will present itself to her soon.


  1. Think I'd camp out in the chicken coop with a good headlight and a shotgun...skin pelts in the morning.

  2. LOL! That thought has crossed my mind. I don't know what worth I'd be in the classroom the next day. I guess I should leave that job to DH.

  3. What does the 900 lbs chicken say? Here Coyote, coyote, coyote!

    Glad your week is going a little bit better then last. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.



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