Friday, November 4, 2011

La Nina Comes Knocking

A La Nina winter is predicted here in the PACNW which means more snow and precipitation. The La Nina trend is to get stronger as fall turns into winter. Meteorologists are calling for an Arctic Oscillation as well. This means that there can be a sudden change of brief, unseasonably warm temperatures and precipitation which can cause sudden melting snow, or rain on snow, and subsequent flooding. The arctic oscillation can generate strong changes in the weather patterns and can wreak havoc so be prepared.

It is already getting cold here. This morning it was 30. It got down to 19 degrees about a week and a half ago, and this evening when I went out to feed the chickens and put them up it was a very cold wind. I have a water heater plugged in for the chicken water but won't know if it is working until it freezes. We still need to get the horse water heater in. Not to mention our dog's heated water dish and Cooper needs a heated bed, too. His is old and torn up and not working. But gosh they are expensive. One year I put hot water bottles out for him to lay on every night. What was I thinking?

We have not gotten everything winterized and ready. DSH got snow tires and they are ready to put on cars. We have the Drize the air in the camp trailer. I think most hoses are put up, except on the front porch. We need to cover the garden with a tarp.I got out our snow boots and have ice scrapers in the car. The tractor has fuel and is ready for DSW to plow the driveway. We have a 1/2 mile long driveway and we get the wind so snowdrifts can get really bad and we have been snow bound for a couple of days before. We have never lost power for more than a couple of hours but the generator is ready if needed and we will manage if we need without power. Got candles and can cook because we have propane.

Oh, and have you bought some peanut butter lately? The price is jumping by leaps and bounds. I got a rain check for some that was on sale and a 40 oz. jar of Skippy was $8.58. Better stock up. Are you ready for winter?


  1. We are well supplied here now. Full up on propane, firewood and emergency fuel in storage. Let it snow!!!!!

  2. I am spared the outdoor winterizing this year as we just sold our house and are in an apt while we look for new-to-us home/land to buy. This apt was built in 1970, though - so it has next to no insulation - all my winterizing is indoors to cut down on the ghastly heating bill right now...

    Just out of curiosity, why do you tarp your garden?

    Xa Lynn

  3. PioneerPreppy- keep up the good work!

    Xa Lynn- heating bills are going through the roof. I know how it can be trying to insulate. We tarp our garden to kill vegetation, plus it gives us a jump start in spring cutting down on the weeds.

  4. I purchased two cases, extra, of peanut butter just recently. It just deepens, this (let's face it) depression.

  5. I guess you getting ready for winter is like me getting ready for hurricane season. Generator check and extra fuel, propane, food and water and as a last resort should a direct hit come, leave for a safe place. I like you must take care of ourselves because the government won't be around for us. Just look back at Katrina and other major weather damage areas.

    Food has been going up the last two years but lately it has jumped 30%-40%. I'm about to give up coffee as its now at $12-$14 a can.

  6. Yukon Mike,
    Funny you should mention coffee. Just 5 min. ago I asked DSH if he had seen any good coffee sales lately, because we go through a 2 lb. can a month and I haven't seen any for less than $9 a can here. Plus, the cans keep shrinking, what used to be 32 oz. is now 26 oz.

    You're right, we have to take care of ourselves. Money just seems to be flying out of holes in our pockets lately and we still have so many things to get.


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