Saturday, September 17, 2011

University 101 Kool Aid

My oldest daughter wants to be a nurse. This field of choice does require a higher education degree. Many universities and colleges are requiring a course "designed for students to learn about the mission of the general education program and majors..." In reality, it is a bunch of bunk designed to confiscate your hard earned money while indoctrinating your child into social progressivism. This week before school starts, she is required to attend events designed to help her adopt liberal views. As you will see below, these activities have nothing to do with learning about the college's programs and majors. She already had to go to orientation sessions that wasted her time and money touring the campus that she has walked many times and attended events at. But last night infuriated me when she told me about the Keynote, and I am dying to see the syllabus. I am sure there is a diversity requirement.

A while back I read an article (which I am unable to locate) about a college that required their incoming freshman to attend a homosexuality skit that promoted homosexuality and promiscuity on campus. The skit addressed issues as to how and when to "do it" in your dorm room and "etiquette" for having sex when you have a roommate. Really? This is what freshman orientation has come to? When I find the article, I add an addendum at the bottom of this post.

Back to our local campus. After you attend an event, you earn a sticker and you cannot pass the course without the stickers to show you were at an event and indoctrinated. Here are a few of the required events that must be attended. First, at the Keynote address, students were told how to "socialize" on campus, and how they need to be involved in various groups and activities on campus. Today on the agenda is a social evening with games like basketball and tag. Well, okay, that doesn't sound so bad. But tomorrow is Personal Safety and Awareness, how to keep safe during an emergency. Okay, okay, I guess this isn't all bad.

But wait! "The Roles We Play, The Masks We Wear." What the heck is that about? Here is the overview, "Discovering the multiple layers of our identities empowers us to reach out and build community beyond labels, to better be our true selves. In collaboration with Naked Truth on Stereotypes, an innovative theater process and production, the Diversity Education Center features students and their stories in this original production, striving to expose and debunk socially constructed myths of identity and stereotypes and begin the healing of our fractured selves." I don't even like the sounds of it. Is this the skit I was referring to above? It sounds eerily like it could be.

And what about "Party Central- Exploring popular perceptions about partying and campus life." This is required for graduation?

I think the "Green Dot Campaign" has good intentions to raise awareness about violence against women and others. But when I read this overview- "Your individual choices, words, and behaviors influence others. Become a part of establishing what is acceptable on our campus. Be a part of an exciting nationwide movement to end violence and live the Green Dot," I am confused as to what their agenda really is as it makes me feel uncomfortable. Maybe I am reading too much into this.

After all this pressure to be left thinking, my child will be evaluated by MapWorks. "Map-works®, making achievement possible, is a comprehensive student retention and success program designed for first year students. Students are measured on a variety of research based factors including their academic and social integration to the campus, entering skills and abilities, and expectations of their college experience. Map-works® identifies students early in the term allowing for immediate support and intervention by faculty/staff." Did you read that? She will be evaluated on her social skills and integration on campus. So, what if you don't want to integrate on campus into all the liberal, left-wing lunacy? What "intervention" does she get? I can't even imagine, but I know it won't be good. What achievement score does she receive then? After all, this is research based, so it must be valid and will enhance her learning experience. Does she possess the appropriate entering skills and abilities? The social engineering is pretty blatant. It sounds like it is supposed to be helpful to your child, but really, it is to redirect their thinking and their activities. Get them going in a liberal direction. Get them involved in liberal activities. Let peer pressure help to mold their thinking and beliefs. Encourage them to not think for themselves and evaluate with discretion what is really happening. I fear for our future generations.

So, I am on a rant. I can't believe how much the socialist leftists have infiltrated our campuses so deeply. Can you even believe this MapWorks and the required activities? It is filtering down to younger grades, my friends.

I am glad she is opinionated and has conservative views. I know that even as a conservative, I left college with more liberal leanings. But once I started to raise a family, my Christian values and lucid thought processes quickly returned. I hope she has the strength and convictions to thoughtfully evaluate what she will be inundated with, and make the right choices without being easily influenced.

Found it! Update- Here is the link to Church college teaches sex-in-dorm etiquette. It does contain disturbing video. But, that's what your children are being required to watch at many campuses around the nation.


  1. My sister also left college leaning to the left, often rolling her eyes at me during my conservative rants(I left home a little earlier than her and had been in the work force since I was around 13 or 14)because I had discovered early the ways of FICA and the government. Now in her mid thirties and married, she has come over to the dark side. She even admits that she thought I was crazy and recently I brought up "prepping", causing a second round of "he's crazy". I just gave her a taste and backed away, giving her room to research the cause. she since said I may be right. I'll get her all the way on our side soon I hope. Good post. I remember as I left college they had just started all the "university" courses that were required for graduation. Total bunk. I feel sorry for your (and my) kids. Sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders. She'll be ok. Thanks for a great post.

  2. I teach basic freshman composition at a small midwestern university, aren't wrong. Even my tiny campus in a conservative area leans hard left. I have to keep my opinions to myself, or risk being told they don't have any classes for me to teach (immediately before an ad being placed in the paper seeking part time composition teachers).

    I do my best to keep my opinions out of my class, and refuse to permit indoctrination (as in, shrill screaming beliefs without any thought behind them) on either extreme of the political spectrum. I don't care what my students think as long as they think.

    Sadly, I'm a minority in that.

  3. Heroditus Huxley,
    I am a teacher, too, but with elementary students. I also do my best to keep opinions out of my class. And you're right, as long as our students actually think, can reason, and articulate their thoughts without the screaming, then that is the goal. Thanks for sharing :)


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