Saturday, September 24, 2011

Transvestites Feeding Your School Children

The homosexual lobby has a new, sick and twisted tactic for exposing young children to the perverse lifestyle of homosexuality. Try to create a mental image of a kindergartner going through the lunch line at school and seeing a man dressed as a woman with make-up and exposed bra straps.serving up lunch. Now, spaghetti straps and exposed bra straps are banned in the school dress code, but the school is claiming that their hands are tied and they must give the man special treatment.

Cross dressing disrupts the educational environment and is disturbing for children. They are not to be indoctrinated into this lifestyle. They cannot process this kind of information and discern it in a meaningful way. It is a deliberate attempt to desensitize children by exposing them to it at an early age. The school is claiming that they cannot infringe on the "rights" of this mentally disturbed transgender, but they are perfectly okay with infringing on the rights of your children to a safe and sane education.

The school claims they have asked this person to dress professionally, but of course they are not enforcing it. The homosexual lobby is hell bent on disrupting the morals and values you are teaching your children. The younger the children are that they can work on the mental processes of developing minds, the better chance they have of confusing your child into accepting and adopting this destructive lifestylye. This is a serious concern for all of us.

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  1. One more reason that I am so very, very glad that we homeschool. I wish more people would / could. But it still doesn't change the fact that these children should NOT be exposed to such crap.
    The people need to speak up about this and stop the politically correct nonsense. Funny how they can't infringe on this "right", but the system infringes on so many other rights on a daily basis (say, the 2nd Amendment).


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