Tuesday, August 16, 2016


You know times are tough, because times have been good before. You know things are going really well because times have been a struggle before. What a long 12 months we have had.

Bright spots (thanks) - faith in God, we both have good jobs, thus income, little consumer debt (car & camper), plenty to eat, house, clothes, healthy adult children making good choices, each other, like minded, and we cherish each other.

Difficult spots (frustrations) - DH in pain for weeks last summer = surgery for kidney stone and 2 month recovery, followed by 3 weeks of intense tooth pain, followed by tooth being pulled, puppy was ran over and had to be put down, I had a cough for weeks and then prescribed round after round of antibiotics for "sinus infection"- ended up in hospital with C Diff and am still trying to recover, paying $400+/mo. in medical bills,  very difficult time at work with lots of stress for both of us, oldest dog died, letter from IRS stating we owe $14,000 for tax year 2014, said we filed an EZ with only my incorrect income showing with a big refund. We are now finding out our identity was most likely stolen and get to meet with IRS on Friday to get straightened out. Fished hard for 2 weekends straight for long hours, only to have 4 fish to show for it. DH having more health issues - prescribed double antibiotic for 30 days (still taking it). These are the highlights. Plus trivial things like the lawn mower won't start, no like minded friends, pick up needs a lot of work, can't keep up with chores, etc.

So, between all the medical and health issues, losing 2 dogs, the IRS, work stress, medical bills, and the like, we still have a pretty good life and can't complain. We have had a long storm. I could not go through all of this without my DH and faith. I start my new job in 2 weeks. I hope it will be a good year, and that my DH will stay busy with work. I am very blessed.


  1. Prayers, Rose. I can relate - we've had a rough year here, too. It is going to culminate in knocking down this house and replacing it with a doublewide. And I'll be mighty grateful for it.

  2. Best wishes with your new home. When when you be replacing your current house?

  3. Rose,

    Take a deep breath and realize this rough patch will pass and things will get better. Congrats and good luck with your new job.

    1. Thanks, Sandy, You are right. I just with some rough patches didn't last so long.

  4. I just found your blog and wanted to ask permission to follow. My DH and I are retired and live on a farm..we sold our cattle so now we just do hay. We are Christians and try to live our faith. I enjoy reading blogs but don't have one of my own. Please let me know how you feel about me following you. Thanks

  5. Of course you can follow. I am so sorry that I am posting this 4 months after your request, as I go weeks without looking at my blog, then post in spurts. Welcome, and happy browsing!


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