Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nothing but Mud

Most of the snow around here has melted, and that means mud... and lots of it. On top of that you can add the rain that has been falling this week. I can't keep our floor clean no matter that we take off our shoes and boots, stuff still gets tracked in. And Cooper, well the only time he doesn't understand "bed" when we let him in the house is when it's wet and muddy around the place. Usually, we let him in the front door and there are 2 entry rugs that lead directly to his coveted bed where he lays down and amuses himself with paw sucking or snoozing to his hearts content. But the paw tracks in the house are never ending! He somehow steps off the rugs on the path to his bed leaving muddy marks. Then, he somehow sneaks around the house and leaves muddy paw prints everywhere. Argghh.

The sun is out today after heavy fog this morning. The chickens are happy and running about, free from their mud hole. We couldn't throw scratch out for them in their pen because it just got lost in the mud, so I threw it into the loafing shed where it was dry, but you know, our 2 horses saunter over and try to nibble up as much of it as they can. Oh, and that Buff O is broody again. She has been setting for about 5-6 days now. I will keep you up to date on her mothering progress.

I went to the store this morning and was just amazed at how many people were out shopping and buying big ticket items. One man had a huge flat screen TV in his cart and most shopping carts were full of food, clothes, and just stuff. I had TP and bananas in my cart and I had bought milk yesterday, so my cart looked a little pathetic. I'm on a whole milk kick now after reading Whistleblower's (WND) article "The Oiling of America" about how whole foods, especially animal fats, have been demonized and how unhealthful, synthetic foods have been enshrined over the last 100 years. I used to buy 2% milk (you know, to save 40 calories per glass) and found out that low fat milks have powdered oxygenated milk in them to give them mouth appeal. I'll buy raw milk if I can find it somewhere. It's true if you think about it. You always see very heavy people drinking diet coke and eating non-fat sour cream, and reduced fat cheese, and baked potato chips. But they're still overweight. I have noticed that ever since I started buying whole foods ( sour cream, cheese, butter, mayo), about 10 years ago, I am more easily satisfied when I eat since I am not still hungry after eating all those chemicals and empty calories. I still could lose a few pounds, but I can maintain my weight more easily. I remember when I have tried to lose weight (after children and again after the death of my parents) and bought all that non-fat and reduced fat stuff and it was so hard to lose weight. I have only served real butter, real sour cream and so forth in my house for over 10 years. I find that I eat less because whole foods fill you up. I had a friend that went on a whole foods kick and eliminated all hydrogenated products from her diet. She lost almost 30 pounds in just over a year without trying. It just makes sense.


  1. As far as shopping goes, many are getting their tax refunds. We had our two weeks ago and bought clothes for the family. Paid some bills and took the family out for a few meals, to give the wife a break.

    Grew up with dogs, and now have 3 cats. Low maintenance vs dog and kids (5)

  2. Rob, I hadn't thought about tax refunds. We owed over $3,000 last year. I think the 10th of the month is a payday for many people, too. I'm glad you were able to pay some bills. As far as clothes, we need socks and underwear! I guess I better get on our tax return, maybe we'll fare better this year and get to replace those holey socks we have.

  3. did our taxes..and for the first time no money in and no money out..i agree wholeheartedly with you about the whole food thing...been doing this for the last ten yrs or so myself. i got to wondering years ago about labeel ingredient lists on products..what do they put in mayo if they take out all the fat? what replaces any ingredient to make it fat free, sugar free, etcc..? well, i discovered right quick thaat the substitute ingredients were not necessarily good for the human body and ya gotta be a chemical engineer to even be able to pronounce the words much less know what they are. then of course, why would i want to pay for something that does not taste like it should taste and costs more for what is missing from it?

  4. Anonymous,I couldn't agree more. Although I do buy some processed foods, I am trying to make more food myself. For example, I've been baking bread and desserts more, rather than buying store bought. Most dinners I make from scratch, but I do like a frozen pizza in the freezer. And so I went to buy lard instead of using so much bad-for-you vegetable oil, and then read on the label that the lard is made with hydrogenated lard. You can't win. It is very difficult to find whole, unadulterated foods anywhere. Baby steps, a little at a time. I can't just change everything overnight, but can try and make and use as much real food as I can.

  5. i have stocked up on lard..the old fashioned kind is hard to is easy to make as it is just rendered fat...but it still takes some time and effort. about three years ago i started buying organic milk and lactaid milk...and i did so because it never seemed to spoil like the other regular stuff...just recently i found out that the reason it does not spoil so quickly is due to ulra pasturization...huh, go figure. i rarely buy processed foods these days...and i have been in far better health for it. instead of the frozen pizza from the grocery store i make my dough and sauce and just make my own frozen pizza..i usually make up enough for two or three pizzas-cook one and freeze the others for later time.

  6. Anonymous,
    Do you thaw your pizzas before you cook them? I've made my own before and froze, then popped in the oven to bake. The crust was okay, but not nearly as good as fresh made. How do you prepare and bake your pizzas, do you have any tips and tricks?


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