Friday, January 6, 2012

Flagrant Fouls

If you're a basketball fan or have children playing ball, check out this footage shot at a Connell High School vs. Cowiche High School game in WA state. The flagrant fouls will seriously injure of kill someone. The coach and refs should be fired, and the students banned from basketball.

If someone can tell me how I can actually add the youtube videos to my blog, rather than me posting the link, I would greatly appreciate it.


  1. At Youtube, look at the bottom of the video for the word 'share,' click it, a little window will open with the code, highlight it with your cursor. Hit 'control and c,' for cut. Then go to your blog word processor and look at the tool bar at the top, see that little 'movie clapper symbol, open it. When prompted hit the 'search youtube' button on the left side. Enter the cut code, by using 'control V,' (I know you know how) and then hit search. When the videos appear (there will be more than one) choose and hit select. It will open in your word processor page...oh, and make sure you mark the space on the page you by clicking the cursor on the spot...

    After a few times it gets easy. Whew.

  2. Holy SmoKes! Where the heck was the Coach on the red team? I heard a few from the crowd shout but why didn't anyone come out and say something? It was obvious the Ref were not Seeing (turning a blind eye?). This made MY blood boil. I'm sure not for moddlecoddling(sp?)school sports but #34 for out for blood and there was no sport in what he was doing. I hope none of your kids have to play against this monster. Please post if more comes out about it.

  3. Thank you, Stephen, I just practiced following your advice and the video shows up! Thanks again.

    Herdog, did you see foul #5 where white 34 pulls that kid with his arm and slams him to the ground? It is a good thing he wasn't hurt. I was just fuming when I saw this video and I hope that there are some meaningful consequences meted out.


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